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Jay Kubassek Presents in a Master Marketing Event in Las Vegas, Nevada

As a young man Jay Kubasseck worked in an oil change garage. He lived in a small house and drove a small, beat-up car. He emerged from that lifestyle into super-stardom in a direct marketing company known as Liberty League. He became a student of the business, applied what he learned, and rose to the top of his game in a very short time.

Today Jay is best known as one of the founders of the company Carbon Copy PRO. In a short span of 6 years  Carbon Copy PRO became a $20 million company that served customers in 184 countries. There is no doubt that Jay knows something about persistence in building a solid and profitable business. There is also no doubt that every aspiring marketer can benefit from just 10-minutes of what Jay has to say about success in marketing.

In the video below Mr. Kubasseck gives a short but inspiring message where he defines the basics of Earning Your Success, diligently and honestly, by using 100% of your talents and potential. The message was recorded at a Carbon Copy Pro marketing event. There are a few short testimonies about that business on this video. This video is posted for the global content that will inspire and educate all marketers and entrepreneurs and not to promote Carbon Copy Pro. Listen, enjoy, and   be inspired.


Lindy Diffenbaugh