Five Effective Blogging Strategies to Attract Loyal Followers to Your Blog

Effective Blogging Strategies

Attract Faithful & Loyal Followers to Your Blog

A savvy blogger armed with effective blogging strategies can easily transform the blogging platform from just another form of social media into an explosive marketing hub with the capacity to create a multi-million dollar business. Blogging provides a powerful means of branding, expressing, and promoting yourself as an entrepreneur with a business skills and strategies that demand global attention.

Blogging has been popular since the early 1990’s, but over the last decade it has gained massive momentum in the world of cyber space. It shows no signs of slowing down. If you intend to outshine your competition, you must have a blog and that blog must be created with clearly defined, effective strategies with the potential to catapult you to the top of your industry.

Despite the potential that blogging holds, if you are not skilled at employing effective blogging strategies, there is no guarantee that your blog will take off or attract a tsunami of traffic overnight. Massive numbers of online blogs are virtually one search and/or one click away to the hungry internet marketer.  To be effective in your blogging efforts, you have to understand the dynamics of effective blogging strategies and employ them with skill. This is one endeavor that you cannot succeed at with haphazard habits.

The number one strategy of effective blogging is to understand that Google loves for fresh and captivating material to be posted on blogs. They also love for that material to be posted on a fairly regular basis. Two to three content rich posts a week will usually keep them happy. If you are posting once or twice a month, your followers will grow bored and impatient with you and they will look elsewhere for business solutions. Google will find and direct them to the bloggers who provide fresh and captivating material on a regular basis. You will be lost in a cloud of cyber smoke as your audience races by you to find effective solutions elsewhere.

The number two strategy of effective blogging is for your content to be keyword rich in order to attract the interest of the search engines. When you feed the search engines what they want, they will reward you by drawing loyal readers to your blog. You can write a beautiful piece of journalism and proudly post it to your blog. If it is not sprinkled with effective keywords and keyword phrases, Google will not even notice that it exists. If Google doesn’t find it, your article will not be visible to potential followers that are hungry for powerful business solutions.

Effective blogging strategy number three demands that you establish yourself as an expert in your niche. You will not do this by posting short posts that skim over the top of a topic. Spin your articles in such a way that they reveal in depth knowledge and skills that your readers are hungry for. To promote yourself as an expert, you must develop fairly lengthy articles that provide a depth and wealth pertinent knowledge. Make what your offer so compelling that the reader will see you as a key, if not the key, to their ultimate success.

The fourth key to effective blogging strategies is to not get so caught up in search engine demands that you forget that you are writing to real people, who are desperate to learn what you know. In other words, know your target audience. Be aware of their needs. Think of the pain of their past failures. Dig deep within yourself and pull out the rich nuggets of knowledge and skill that they need to take their lives and their business to a higher level. When you do this, you will attract real people, with real needs, who are desperately looking for the answers that you can provide.

The fifth effective blogging strategy is to be aware that your audience is looking for solutions to their problems and not product promotion or business opportunities. Minimize the promotional material on your site. After you have attracted a good number of loyal followers to your blog who now consider you an expert in your niche, then you are in a position to occasionally suggest business solutions and/or opportunities that you know will be of value to them.  It is a turnoff if every post is about self-promotion or new product promotion. If this is what your blog is about, then the people who are looking for good content that will benefit them, will go elsewhere to find solutions.

Always remember that there is no scarcity of business blogs. The competition is stiff and growing exponentially with every passing minute. To stay on the cutting edge of the industry and become an expert in your niche you must understand and employ effective blogging strategies. Define your strategies well. Focus on the followers that you want to attract. Provide them with fresh content that they need to succeed now. Be mindful of the search engines. And don’t view your followers as customers that are there to make you rich. Their needs are your number one priority. Endeavor to employ effective blogging strategies that will create a killer blog that will inform, inspire, and motivate your followers day after day, after week after week, month after month and year after year.

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Lindy Diffenbaugh