The Power of the Will: The Backbone of Victorious Achievement

I have never taken a survey on the issue, but I believe that everyone was born with a life goal inside of them that is so big that it can ultimately only be realized by the power of the will! It has been my experience in working with people that even though they have a powerful vision for their lives, life seems to knock them down at every turn. If this is your experience, let me encourage you. This is normal. When you feel that you are being defeated at every turn, you should know that you have two choices. First you can throw in the towel and declare that the game is over. This is not recommended. The second choice that you have is to strengthen your resolve that you will accomplish the goal. When you make this choice, you get up and try again.

When defeat comes at you time after time and you never seem to find a way to move forward towards the realization of your goal, you may begin to believe that it is useless to follow after some pie in the sky goal that was probably just a fantasy all along. If you start to entertain those kinds of thoughts, you have only one hope that you will ever reach your goal. You have to engage the power of the will. At this point your desire to succeed is no longer being fed by your passion. The fuel to drive you forward is nothing but the power of your will. Which is stronger, your passion or your will power? Both are necessary, but I believe that your will power will ultimately out-perform your passion. Both have to be engaged along the way in order for you to realize your goal. When passion is in control it is gaining strength and drawing the goal out of you into the world around you. When will power is carrying you to your goal it is gaining strength and creating the tenacity and courage within you that will not let you quit.

The power of the will forces you to dig deeper into yourself to see the importance of the goal. At some point during this process you will begin to realize that the goal that you set for yourself is bigger than you. At that point your will begins to force you to look outside of yourself in order to gain the tools, skills, and knowledge that will move you towards the realization of your goal.

The next question that we need to ask is what is the will of a man and why is it so vital to the accomplishment of a goal? The will has been called the backbone of your personality. It is what holds you up when you are ready to crash and it is what moves you forward when you are stuck in the mud. It is the initiating force in the soul of a man. Your passion will ignite you and start to move you towards your goal. But sometimes, when the passion has long since died, it is the will alone that will carry you to the realization of your goal.

Every day when thoughts of defeat fill your head you must meet each thought with these words, “By the power of my will I will accomplish this goal.” You must say it over and over again until even you believe it is the truth. When the passion has died, revive your strength to accomplish the goal with your own will power. If you do not know how to activate your will power, I will tell you. You activate it by silencing the voice in your head that says, “I can’t” and activating a voice that says, “I will.” Each time you say it you will realize more and more strength. Your will power will become stronger each time you say, “I will.” By the strength of your will alone you will find that you cannot be defeated! Here’s to your success!

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Lindy Diffenbaugh